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Pain Management – Know the Payer Rules to Win the Game!

Navigating the nuances of insurance policies and patient procedures normally requires lots of labor. This is especially problematic in pain management since some insurers will cover interventions like pain relief injections or epidurals for some procedures but not others. Pain management billing and coding is just one aspect where you can improve your revenue cycle management with the help of an RCM vendor like TrueRCM. Modern software can optimize your business and automate many of your administrative tasks.

Pain Management Billing and Coding Strategies

There are millions of possible combinations for medical billing. However, your goal is always the same. You need to get the reimbursement that you’ve earned from insurance providers, and the sooner you can bill correctly, the faster that money can come in. As it stands, most medical facilities and billing companies do this with an army of coders and lots of clinical staff. That’s why studies have found that administrative costs can sometimes exceed more than 25% of your budget.

How much more efficient would your company be if you could outsource some or all of your billing operations to a company with both technology and expertise? An RCM vendor with experience vast experience with a multitude of payors can help you understand what will be covered and what won’t. Instead of making a mistake and receiving less than you expected, you can rely on TrueRCM to provide guidance as well as the necessary workflows and tools to ensure your revenue integrity. In addition, you’ll receive true insight into your revenue performance.

The Right Revenue Cycle Management Software Optimizes Your Operations

Revenue cycle starts with your billing processes. Billing properly according to the patient’s profile and insurance policy will minimize denials and maximize income. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Along the way, other activities like creating payment plans, financial reporting, and clinical document compliance are all necessary initiatives to optimize operating margins. These tasks are incredibly important and require the right resources for best performance.

An all-in-one solution can give you the tools you need to properly manage these tasks and produce consistent revenue enhancement. When a provider inputs a diagnosis, a vendor like TrueRCM can evaluate the patient’s insurance profile to determine the best way to seek approval and bill accordingly. Regular financial reports are produced in real-time through our proprietary portal which features robust analytics. Our experienced team leverages our technology resources to review your records for anomalies and helps to correct errors before they go out the door. Overall, more optimized operations translate to more retained revenue.

TrueRCM Streamlines Success

With our robust RCM platform and specialized team, you’ll stay ahead of the curve when new legislation imposes new rules or when an payers update their policies.. We track pain management physician education requirements by state and can provide insight into performance by practice location and individual provider.

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RCM Outsourcing – Finding the Right Blend of Technology & Expertise

Revenue cycle management is the technologically sound and professional way to optimize healthcare profitability. With RCM outsourcing, you can find the aid you need in making the most of this system.

Revenue Cycle Management: Why It’s Important

Getting paid is an integral part of maintaining any organization’s function, especially for critical service providers like healthcare entities. The field of healthcare faces unique challenges in revenue collection due to ever-evolving laws and regulatory standards, advancing technology, the coordination that must be fostered with insurance companies, and the increasing emphasis on patient-centered healthcare.

RCM provides the integration and the streamlining essential for simplifying the revenue cycle from identification to management while ensuring its maximum efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, effective RCM enables care providers to put more emphasis on patients and on offering the best possible care, unencumbered by financial worries.

Benefits of Technology in RCM

The revenue cycle in healthcare includes many intricate steps from the moment a patient walks through the door: preregistration, registration, charge capture, claim submission, coding, remittance processing, and more. Each of these steps requires storing, accessing, evaluating, and transmitting an incredible amount of data. RCM software and tech consolidate this information into an easily accessible system.

Every part of the cycle can be tracked and verified. In addition, time-consuming processes prone to human error are typically automated, saving time and money. Better yet, the tech helps meet compliance standards and compiles data into a form where insightful analyses can be derived.

Value of Expertise in RCM

Human knowledge complements and enhances the positives that RCM tech provides. Many of the steps, like coding diagnoses and procedures, are intricate and require a fine eye for detail. A professional can be the last line of defense in making sure these processes are truly error-free. A person with a strong knowledge of medical regulations, for example, will be invaluable in the compliance process. And when the report-gathering of the revenue enhancement phase arises, an analyst is crucial.

RCM, by its nature, is not a completely machine-driven process. It requires human interactions, both with other professionals (namely in the insurance industry) and with patients. An RCM professional with insurance experience could better build strong partnerships with and collect third-party follow-up payments from insurers. A person with a strong financial and psychological background might, in turn, might work very effectively as a financial counselor for patients.

RCM Outsourcing: The Right Blend

As one might imagine, RCM is an essential but enormous undertaking. While healthcare entities all want to meet and exceed their revenue potential, they may not have the time or resources to devote to this important endeavor. Outsourcing RCM to a team of dedicated professionals could be the ideal answer.

RCM experts come equipped with the latest technology (like AI and machine learning) and with decades of collective experience in various avenues of healthcare, merging tech and knowledge into one powerful package. Reliable real-time analytics, customizable consultations, and modernized scheduling and billing applications can gift you top-tier reimbursement optimization and consistent revenue cycle integrity.

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Choosing the Right RCM Partners


If you’re a doctor or healthcare administrator, you understand that choosing the right RCM partners is key to the success of your practice. This is because the best revenue cycle management partners will boost your revenue. They do it through revenue optimization and increased efficiency. A great partner has outstanding healthcare analytics and customizable reporting, too. Whether you’re located in Illinois or prefer a nationwide service, we’ll cover how the best partners do it and how it benefits you.

What Is RCM (Revenue Cycle Management)?

RCM is a process that healthcare organizations use to manage revenue and expenses. The main goal of RCM is to optimize revenue and cash flow while reducing administrative costs. There are various ways the best people do this, and they work at each stage of a patient’s treatment. Here are a few ways a top-producing service boosts your bottom line and helps your practice perform better.

Revenue Optimization

The best RCM partner aims for revenue optimization. They achieve it by increasing operational efficiency and improving each step of a patient’s treatment path. The revenue cycle begins when a new patient registers, then follows the patient through the organization. It includes medical records management and ends with coding, billing, collections, and banking. Optimization also includes practice management services like scheduling and patient management. This area is the heartbeat of the organization.

Healthcare Analytics

Analytics for healthcare facilities are what financial analytics are to businesses. They are a set of tools used to analyze healthcare data in order to improve patient care and delivery. Healthcare generates a lot of data from medical records and claims data to provide performance data. All this information can be difficult to manage, but it can be transformed into actionable insights with the right tools. This is an important area because it contains the metrics of the organization. The best RCM partner helps you manage those metrics. That drives better decision-making in healthcare and practice management.

Customizable Reporting

A good partner provides superior reporting. They’ll help you tap into your data using tools that provide crystal-clear views of your practice. The reports are important because they help professionals track performance and identify areas of improvement. They help improve a practice’s financial health by providing insights into patient acquisition and retention.

Additionally, great reports help providers streamline their billing and collections processes. Overall, targeted reporting helps organizations optimize their operations and improve their revenue because they can see what’s happening in every aspect of their healthcare business.

Hitting the Target

The best choice of RCM partners is the company that assists you in meeting and surpassing your financial goals. They will save you time and money and help your staff focus on the best patient care possible.

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