What you need to know


If your group is like many groups and specialty providers these days, you’re now delivering patient care at multiple locations. TrueRCM’s service offering includes TrueCharge technology that enables providers to capture patient, diagnosis, and treatment information at the point of service delivery; where ever that may be. TrueCharge operates across multiple platforms and smartphones to provide you with seamless, secure access to ensure you capture information in real-time.

With TrueCharge, you can easily stay on top of every day’s schedule, without sacrificing the accuracy of your critical diagnosis, treatment and billing information. With TrueCharge, your service information is automatically routed for coding and processing, regardless of whether you use TrueRCM, your own internal resources, or even another RCM provider.

With TrueCharge, easily, accurately, and securely manage and capture all of the following at point of service delivery:

  • Patient and schedule information
  • Case information
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment/Procedures