What you need to know

Outsourced Billing Services

TrueRCM uses a flexible, variable schedule of fees to provide affordable services along with superlative customer service. Our success is dependent upon the success of our clients and we strive to leave no claim unpaid. TrueRCM clients can easily justify the cost through increased recovery and lower overhead.

If you’re a 3rd Party Billing Provider, then you know the challenges and time it takes to grow your business. Your services free up time for your clients to help their patients

  • But - what if you could free up your time too? Could you focus on signing up more healthcare providers for your billing practice? Or to spend more time with your existing clients? What would your business look like then?
  • What if you had immediate access to the additional resources needed to smoothly on-board any size healthcare group as a new billing client?
  • What if you could create additional revenue streams by offering new services to your clients without having to build them from the ground up?

If any of these questions interest you, then it might be a great idea to set aside some time to discuss with us how TrueRCM may be able to help you in all these areas.

TrueRCM has developed highly efficient automated workflows, Artificial Intelligence machine-human inspection systems, compliance and quality assurance systems for billing and claims, practice management, and Risk Based Coding support services that perform under high-quality level SLA’s. We deliver these services using a highly efficient, actively managed, and 24/7 BPO center delivery model.

For 3rd Party Billing Providers, we can supply, manage and operate all of the infrastructure, technology, trained coders, and quality assurance needed to support billing and claims management for your clients, under your brand.

Do you have a backlog? Seasonal volume changes? Are your clients growing their practices faster than you can keep up with trained, experienced coders?

Whether you just need temporary overflow coding support or need to ramp up capacity quickly, TrueRCM provides you with the flexibility to meet any of these challenges reliably. Quality issues? We can audit and correct and put a solution in place to get your billing production moving again for payment.

TrueRCM’s BPO systems and coding work complies fully with ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting, AMA Guidelines from CPT-4 Code Manual, & CMS (HCFA) Guidelines, CCI (Correct Coding Initiatives) and LMRP (Local Medical Review Policies). Our certified coders are highly skilled and trained in CPT, E/M, HCPCS-II and ICD-10-CM coding practices. We have extensive specialty practice experience, all of which can provide to support your clients under your brand.

TrueRCM coders all have 5 years or more experience and over 30,000 claims coded. We hire experience personnel and train them to our automated workflows, quality assurance systems and BPO procedures to create highly effective coding teams. Our HCC / risk adjustment coders all have an additional 3 years of experience specifically in risk adjustment.

In addition to our infrastructure and experienced coders, our subject matter and regulatory experts are available to support you and your clients. TrueRCM maintains compliance and currency with all CMS requirements, rules, systems and procedures, HIPAA, ICD-9/ICD-10, HCC, MARCOM, STAR and other programs, regulations and standards. See also, Security and Chain of Custody.

Our compliance and training teams provide quality and compliance assurance audits to ensure adherence to all SLA’s and quality metrics required not just by regulation, you, or your client; but also, at the level we know is needed to maximize your clients’ recovery – because ultimately, isn’t that our mutual goal?

In addition to compliance, TrueRCM can also provide significant analytical services to help you and your client drill down into performance, demographics and clinical document quality factors that will help you, help them improve revenue.

TrueRCM’s servicing operation runs 24/7, providing you with significant opportunities to help your provider clients reduce receivables with timely, accurate billing. This also provides you with the extra cycles to quickly help new provider clients get past backlogs and get payments moving (we assume a reason for why they may have hired your firm).

Our approach provides you with complete control of coding/billing costs and provides you the capability to scale-up or scale-down quickly without the burdens associated with scaling up / down with full-time employees.

We do this with flexible and very affordable per-seat pricing. Whether you need experienced coders to work under your brand as full-time seats, part-time seats, on-demand seats; 1 seat, 3 seats, 300 seats – all of these are options

To learn more, contact TrueRCM today.