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Revenue Cycle Management

TrueRCM has enabled hundreds of Providers to take control of their practices and achieve optimized profitability. We provide end-to-end billing and claims practice and compliance management solutions, which free up providers and staff to focus on patient care and day-to day clinical operations. We are part of your everyday team, charged with managing revenue cycle and improving recovery, while simultaneously enabling automation and efficiency, for your practice.

We develop operational efficiencies for our clients that are designed to increase recovery and revenue. Part of this process is the delivery of expert billing and claims management services. We employ only experienced, certified coders and we have developed highly effective quality assurance and ICD-10 and CPT coding review and analysis programs to ensure your practice is accurately billing all of what it is entitled to bill. Core services provided by TrueRCM for billing and claim management include:

  • Charges Posting
  • Scrubbing to identify errors and resolutions
  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Claims submission
  • Payments Lockbox and Remittance posting
  • Denials Managements; Resubmissions and Appeals
  • Patient billing, payments posting and collections
  • Accounts Receivable management

Our service offering includes eligibility verifications prior to claim submission to prevent denials due to inactive or incorrect policies. We provide a remotely hosted solution for eligibility verification at your practice; and we have expert staff via a toll-free number to assist with eligibility verification in or to reduce ineligible denials up front. This results in:

  • Improved Account Receivable Cycles (reduce Account Receivable Days)
  • Increased number of clean claims expedites claim payments
  • Increase cash collections by reducing write-offs and denials

TrueRCM is much more than a billing and claims processor. Our management team is comprised of experts across all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management. These experts are available to review and optimize your practice with services delivered on-site for: training and education, establishing SLA’s, compliance, and facilitating detailed Revenue Enhancement Studies. All this as part of our continuous goal setting and improvement strategy specialized for each practice.

In the process, we automate and streamline standardized billing and operations management workflows across your practice, whether it's a single care site or a large integrated delivery network. TrueRCM provides the technology and infrastructure you need to achieve greater results and save time every day.

Not only are we billing more, and more accurately, but we are also extremely efficient. So, while we’re increasing realized revenue, we’re also decreasing your overhead costs at the same time.

  • Patient Demographics & Eligibility
  • Claim submission through remediation and payment
  • ICD-10/CPT coding
  • Scrubbing to identify errors and resolution
  • Revenue Enhancement Studies - Recommendations provided to increase reimbursement
  • Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APM) reporting under MACRA – including recommendations on selection of the right quality measures and attestation
  • Monthly bank reconciliation of all financial transactions and analysis
  • Key metrics reporting & analysis
  • Contract enforcement management
  • Charge capture review

At TrueRCM, compliance and quality assurance are integral to all of our operations and practice management services. This also relieves a huge burden from your internal staff as rules and programs change frequently and letting us worry about change implementation keeps your team free to focus on patients.

TrueRCM only employs experienced medical billing and Risk Adjustment coders. All TrueRCM coding personnel are AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) certified and must have a minimum of five years of full time coding experience prior to hiring. Our certified coders are highly skilled and trained in CPT, E/M, HCPCS-II and ICD-10-CM coding practices. We have extensive specialty practice experience, including all the following:

Whether you need an ICD-10-ready practice management (PM) system, to simplify the coding process or medical billing and revenue services to process claims and manage denials, we have the expertise and turn-key services to help in every area without guesswork.

Bariatrics & Weight Loss Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cardiology Pain Management
Chiropractic medicine Pediatrics
Diagnostic Labs Plastic Surgery
Emergency medicine Physical Medicine & Rehab
Family medicine Portable X-Ray & Ultrasound
Gastroenterology Psychiatry
General practice Sports medicine
Internal Medicine

Staying up to date on frequent reporting, billing, rule and program changes with CMS and other represented payor entities is time consuming and can present a myriad of complexities if your practice or group is going it alone. Leverage TrueRCM’s experts’ capability to remove this burden. TrueRCM’s compliance group is always up to date on changes and requirements. Implementation and compliance is integrated into our service offering, and fully tested throughout our technology offering and workflows. Because of this, you are always compliant from day one when new rules go into effect.

As part of our compliance program in support of practice management, we also provide services that focuses on Clinical Document Improvement. Services include:

  • CDI Program Management: Managing the CDI program, instituting best practices & dashboards to measure success, clinical documentation (concurrent CDI record reviews, queries, physician education, metric dashboards)
  • CDI Audit Services: Inpatient CDI audits - thorough assessment of documentation which reveals opportunity for queries, improved documentation specificity, quality and ensures compliance
  • Compliance: Auditing inpatient Medicare charts for compliance to seek out over- coding and under-coding to ensure you receive all the reimbursement to which you are entitled, while mitigating risk
  • CDI Program Assessment: Onsite CDI assessments to evaluate CDI Programs and provide feedback, recommendations and process improvement strategies

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