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Consulting & Other Services

TrueRCM works with great efficiency to enroll our providers with various insurance companies. We understand the credentialing process, rules and regulations of different payers and effectively manage complex provider credentialing requirements. Key services provided by TrueRCM include:

  • Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, Commercial insurance enrollment
  • CAQH provider registration on ongoing maintenance including re-attestation
  • Type 1 and 2 NPI application
  • Monitoring expiring credentials and Federal Exclusion lists
  • Medicare and Medicaid revalidations and commercial re-credentialing
  • Application tracking and follow-up throughout the enrollment process
  • Customized reports for provider par status and application progress
  • Resolution of credentialing-related billing issues

If you are interested in forming a fee-for-service physician group, we can assist you in developing a separate corporation to provide physician services. TrueRCM can provide key support in the areas of:

  • Developing Relationships with Area Hospitals/ Physicians/Employers
  • Credentialing and enrollment
  • Managed Care Affiliation Strategy
  • Practice Assessments - (Focused or Comprehensive)
  • Fee Schedule Development
  • Develop Initial Projections & near-term budget forecasting
  • Comprehensive Planning to Meet Practice Goals - Long & Short Term
  • Turn-key your Billing, Operations, and Practice Management infrastructure

  • Is your practice missing revenue by not claiming reimbursement you're entitled to? Do you want to find out? TrueRCM's Procedure Code Analysis is an up-front, single engagement service designed to answer this question. We often find that coding is always not the results in high payment rates and entitled rates.
  • Contact us to schedule an analysis. This is also a great opportunity to get to know more about what TrueRCM knows about how to maximize revenue for its provider clients

TrueRCM's clinically driven revenue cycle management(RCM) services can streamline clinical, operational and financial processes for optimal financial performance. We can also help with the selection of right tools to empower you to regain effective, profitable practice operations.

Whether you need an ICD-10-ready practice management (PM) system, to simplify the coding process or medical billing and revenue services to process claims and manage denials, we have the expertise and turn-key services to help in every area without guesswork.

Staying up to date on frequent reporting, billing, rule and program changes with CMS and other represented payor entities is time consuming and can present a myriad of complexities if your practice or group is doing it alone.

To learn more, contact TrueRCM today.