About Us


TrueRCM is an Illinois Corporation which provides fully integrated RCM, coding, revenue and practice management services since 2006. We provide a full service, professionally managed outsourcing of medical billing and reimbursement management, practice management and revenue optimization for healthcare provider groups, and Artificial Intelligence driven Risk Adjustment coding, analysis and CMS compliance management for payers. At the same time, our technologies are highly trained, experienced in the hand of certified coders who are available to other 3rd party billing and RCM providers to enable them to reliably grow faster with less start-up and overhead costs.

Mission Statement

TrueRCM's mission is to integrate revenue and practice managements best practices, coding experience and technology into a seamless and unified Revenue Cycle Management offering that ensures compliance while increasing revenue outcomes for healthcare provider groups, payers participating with CMS under the Risk Adjusted Payment/HCC program, and other 3rd party billing and RCM providers.