Artru is TrueRCM’s powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform that’s revolutionizing the coding and reporting process for Payers participating under the CMS/Medicare Risk Based Pricing / HCC program. With Artru, we can quickly setup to ingest thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of your records for automated discovery, capture, and correlation of all diagnosis’ and HCC coding with an accuracy rate of 99%+.

Artru output conforms to CMS requirements for submission and our process uses multiple inspection points that include both automated accuracy verification and human accuracy inspection. Artru enables you to drive significant costs out of your HCC coding operations, while at the same time improving payment recovery through accuracy and increased discovery.

The short video above provides an additional overview of how Artru works. For additional information or to discuss how you can leverage Artru’s powerful artificial intelligence for HCC, contact TrueRCM today.

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